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To back up the sustainability claims, Reformation says it compensates for 100% of its waste, carbon dioxide emissions and water use by purchasing "offsets" that help pay for clean water, planting forests, capturing landfill gas emissions and wind power. It uses eco-friendly and recycled fabrics, and it screens suppliers to protect against unsafe or unfair labor practices. Its labels include a "RefScale," which shows customers the environmental benefit of each piece through a breakdown of how much CO 2, waste and water they helped to save. Small changes add up: The making of a pair of Reformation "seamed" jeans, for example, consumes 196 gallons of water, compared with an industry average of 1,656 gallons, and emits 5 pounds of CO 2, far less than the average of 36 pounds.

Reformation founder and CEO Yael Aflalo.

While Aflalo drives a Tesla and geeks out over sustainability, eco-friendliness wasn't always part of her mission. The Beverly Hills native started her first fashion company, Ya-Ya, as a 21-year-old model turned entrepreneur, after growing up watching her parents run a clothing shop. She briefly enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley , and then at the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising in Los Angeles, sold her first designs to Fred Segal and dropped out. "Every time I took the clothes I had designed to a store, they bought it," Aflalo says. "I was like, 'This feels right.' "

She spent the next decade working on Ya-Ya but didn't get serious until her late 20s. "I was just partying, being 27," Aflalo says. In 2005, revenue peaked at $20 million. When the Great Recession hit, excess inventory bankrupted the company, leaving Aflalo with millions in debt. She took a year off, then made clothes for Urban Outfitters Free Shipping For Sale Hot Sale Sale Online Hudson Weekender Step Hem Skirt Sale Explore Discount Sast 0WK2Xpleg

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A 2010 business trip to China changed her trajectory. Aflalo witnessed firsthand the wastefulness and pollution caused by manufacturing and learned that fashion is among the world's most polluting industries. She was appalled that it took 200 to 500 gallons of water to make one basic cotton T-shirt and hundreds of years for synthetic fabrics such as polyester to biodegrade. She left China with a mission: to create sustainable clothing at an attainable price without sacrificing style.

She paid off her debts and began to focus solely on Reformation. Eco-fashion was still seen as shapeless and "granola," but watching industries like automotive go green without sacrificing product quality convinced Aflalo that fashion was primed to change. She was right. "Yael challenged the misconception in the fashion industry that anything tied to being sustainable means that it can't be cool," says Miroslava Duma, a Russian fashion entrepreneur who has invested in Reformation. "It's the perfect example of where the industry should be moving. Reformation is for a new generation of customers who want to consume with purpose."

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Classical News

In today’s news, there are plans to support London’s smaller music venues, and The Times writes that classical music can learn from rock festivals. Also, The Guardian look back at the highlights of Kovacevich’s career, andSeong-Jin Cho wins the 2015 Chopin Competition

The Guardian

Stephen Kovacevich at 75: his best recordings

In the week that the US-born but UK-based pianist celebrates his 75th birthday, we look back at the highlights of a career characterised by technical skill and intellectual clarity

The Times

What classical music can learn from rock festivals

We hope that a sense of adventure and exploration will be generated at the Barbican during our two-daySound Unboundfestival. It is an entirely new concept for classical music. Concert-goers will be presented with music, talks, debates, cinematic events, an amplified cactus, a DJ set and an overnight musical meditation

The Strad

Violist Scott Ligocki has died aged 51

The American musician was an experienced orchestral performer and teacher

Arts Professional

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Plans to support London’s smaller music venues aim to reverse the declining number of performance opportunities for up-and-coming artists and bands

Classical Music Magazine

Seong-Jin Cho wins the 2015 Chopin Competition

Seong-Jin Chowas announced as the winner of the 2015International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Im Exil fehlt der Schnürboden

Die Kölner Opern-Intendantin Birgit Meyer stellt nach dem Bauchaos ihre Pläne für die neue Spielzeit vor – eine Musicalbühne ist Ausweichquartier. Und einige Stücke fallen flach


Schöne Klänge heißen Elipson: Wireless Vinyl by Elipson.Edle Lifestyle-Audio-Systeme, die Auge und Ohr verwöhnen: Elipson präsentiert in diesem Herbst seine neue Vinyl Kollektion.Dabei wagt das Pariser Unternehmen den Brückenschlag zwischen den Welten

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Thanks Alisha, glad you like the articles.

Matt Ritchie

I usually limit carbs to first thing in the morning and right after a workout. Oats in the morning and maybe sweet potato after a workout…starchy carbs that is. I don’t worry about vegetable carbohydrate sources and don’t limit them.

Sounds like a good plan to me Matt. Good point on the veggie intake too.


Great article. I have a few questions. Since I do not eat meat, what is a good typical protein and fats meal that I could eat that doesnt contain sugar and carbs? also, what kind of foods are carbs that are okay to eat? Are carbs to be restricted to only post workout, or throughout the day but in small quantities?

Do you eat eggs? Dairy? Fish? If so, any of these are good to eat. Any carbohydrates that are whole foods are good to eat. Just stay away from the processed stuff. You can eat your carbs throughout the day if you must. It sounds like you are a vegetarian, so it makes it difficult to have protein/fat meals. I do prefer to have them around my workout though.

Yes, I do eat those things, I was curious about the dairy too, but it sounds like its a good protein supplement. Thanks for the advice =)

Alicia Whittaker

So if I read right, then it is good to workout first thing in the morning, right? I do this now and only because it is the only time I can get a good workout in and feed myself, before getting the kids off to school. I workout, then shower and have a protein shake for breakfast.

I find many benefits to working out in the morning. However, the best time to work out is at a time you will always do it. None of these little details matter if you aren’t exercising consistently.

Hi there,

I found this article very informative and do like the idea of burning fat better, I’ve gone from 383 to 300, and still have a long way to go. As I am moridly obese many exercises are either difficult or impossible to do as of yet. Though job and bliss I am able to go for walks now and do enjoy them, but still have to be carefull about how I push myself as I have bad knees. My question is what kind of exercise can I do to strenght trail? Thanks Linda


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Unsere Produkte zielen darauf ab, jeden Aspekt des Einkaufserlebnisses durch Funktionalität, Ergonomie, Visual Merchandising und Technologie des Industriedesigns zu betonen. Wir stellen Serienprodukte, große und modulierbare Angebote zur Einrichtung des modernen Vertriebs her: angefangen von Regalen über Displays, Kassentischen, Einkaufswagen bis hin zur Beleuchtung der Verkaufsaussteller und PoPs.

Wir bieten 360° Retail-Design-Lösungen: personalisierte Layouts, in jeder Phase der Industrieproduktion zertifizierte Qualität, pünktliche Lieferungen, schnelle und zuverlässige Montage, garantiert durch unseren erfahrenen Kundendienst. Unser Ziel ist es, aus jedem Ambiente das Beste herauszuholen.

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